Haus & Hues - Affordable Art

Haus & Hues - Affordable Art

I'll be the first to say go original when it comes to art, but we all know that's not realistic for every room in the house.  Today I went down the Amazon rabbit hole, discovered Haus & Hues and had to share with all of you.  The goal of this small team based out of Miami is to create tasteful, affordable, and sustainable artwork.  They have an incredible range of prints, with the option to purchase frames or unframed.  Here are some of my favorites...

Seascape Posters Gallery Wall Art Set of 6

You'll find no shortage of coastal prints in Haus & Hues collection.  Whether you're looking for bold abstracts, muted photographs, or playful paintings - they've got it all.  

Set of 4 Ocean Beach Decor

Set of 4 Black and White Wall Art Beach Posters

Set of 6 Beach Art Prints


Vintage Surf Poster

Set of 4 Beach Prints

Haus & Hues also has you covered if you're looking a little wanderlust...

Vintage Travel Poster Set


Set of 6 Trendy Travel Wall Posters


Set of 6 NYC Posters
Haus & Hues even sells college kits so you can create your own statement.  These would be great for teens or dorm rooms.
Blue Collection
Boho Collection
You might even find some of your favorite classic artists on there. Matisse is mine!
I hope you've enjoyed these finds as much as I enjoyed finding them!  Shop all Haus & Hues Prints here!
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