Goals for this Year

Goals for this Year

I don't love setting New Year's resolutions.  I do however, like to focus on some habits I'd like to put into practice.  This weekend I'm sharing some some of these habits for 2023 and my must haves to go along them!  


Let's start with fitness... moving is SO important to me, but I'm not always consistent. There's nothing like a little friendly competition to get me going though. This January I participated in a Winter Warrior Challenge with friends and this month we kept things going with a February Fitness Challenge. These challenges have kept me moving EVERY SINGLE DAY since January 1, 2023. Here are some of my must haves to feel good while working out...

I primarily work out at F45 which offers a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts (strength and cardio).  I found these sneakers about a year ago and I am obsessed. If you're working out at F45 or somewhere similar, these are your shoes.  

I know we all have our favorite leggings... Lulu, Alo, Vouri... but these can get PRICEY.  These are my go to leggings when I need to replenish.  They fit so well (very similar to Lulu) and are UNDER $25!!  They also come in over 30 different colors.  Give them a try and thank me later!  

I am NOT a water drinker... like EVER. This is the only thing that helps get it down and I actually crave it every day.  Lemon Lime is my favorite flavor!



I'm always embarrassed to say I'm not a reader. It's never been a go to for me, and once I had kids, it went completely out the window. I am a HUGE tv watcher, and that's usually how I spend my nights winding down.

Now, I'm not saying I want to become a voracious reader, but this year I do want to read at least ONE book (pathetic, I know).  I've seen people raving about this book, so I ordered it.  I started it last night and I'm already hooked.  Feels good to be following through on this goal.



In January, my youngest son and I started sharing three things we're grateful for before bedtime. I wanted to formalize this process and bit and have some prompts so we didn't say the same things every day.  I purchased each of us gratitude journals - they only take a few minutes of time and really do help refocus our mindset.

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