Chasing Sunsets: Our Charleston Adventure Unveiled - Coastal Vibes, Culinary Delights, and Southern Charm

Chasing Sunsets: Our Charleston Adventure Unveiled - Coastal Vibes, Culinary Delights, and Southern Charm

Long time, no see!  Here we are, basking in the warmth of the sun and the whisper of sea breezes, nearly seven months deep into our newfound Charleston adventure. The question that often drifts my way is, "What sparked the move?" It's a ponderous one, isn't it? Most folks uproot for a job, family ties, or a specific life event. Our tale, however, dances to a different rhythm.

After 15 years in the Connecticut hustle (and a whole lifetime in New England), a craving for change led us to uncharted waters. With newfound freedom, we let the magnetic pull guide us to Charleston, where southern charm and coastal vibes beckoned us. In a whirlwind few months, we traded our Connecticut nest for a new spot (sight unseen!), diving headfirst into the laid-back Lowcountry life. Settling in has been a wild ride, but we're thrilled with where the tide has carried us.

I'm so excited to spill the details of our Charleston journey with you. This city's a gem, blending city vibes with dining, shopping, art, and history just minutes away, and the tranquil allure of marshes, beaches, and majestic oaks right in our backyard.

Charleston Favorites So Far...

  1. Anything from the 167 Family: Charleston boasts the 167 Raw Oyster Bar, 167 Sushi, and Bar 167. All uniquely amazing. Bar 167 takes the crown for us – the ultimate spot for food and drinks. Personal faves: the Tzatziki Drink, Funghi Fritti, Arroz con Negro, and you can't miss the Caviar Cones!

  2. Charleston County Parks System: A sprawling canvas of over 11,000 acres – parks, beaches, piers, and more. James Island County Park, our daily hangout, treats us to a vibrant spectacle of creatures and the beauty of the marshes.

  3. Revelry Brewing Co.: These guys have a rooftop downtown, but I'm vibing with their hidden beach bar by Folly. Kid-friendly and dog-friendly, it's the epitome of cool.

  4. Madison Matthews: When in Charleston and itching to shop on King Street, Madison Matthews is a great spot. Southern styles meet affordability in their fantastic boutique.

  5. Marsh & Magnolia: Stop by for a custom hat experience on King Street. A tad pricey, but crafting your perfect hat is worth every penny – a uniquely Charleston adventure!


Stay tuned for my complete must-visit list in Charleston! 🌴🍹 And check out a full list of my go-to food and drink spots here!


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